The Cilento coast begins in Agropoli and ends in Sapri. From the picturesque village of Agropoli, Santa Maria di Castellabate , Ascea, Acciaroli , and not forgetting the beautiful Punta Licosa , one of the first marine parks in Italy, a destination for hikers and divers, the National Park Cilento and Vallo di Diano. Palinuro , is the most fashionable and popular seaside resort of Cilento. It is characterized by beautiful beaches and a coastline rich in ravines and caves, including the most famous and visited “the Blue Grotta” . The vast area of National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano is a natural environment still intact and untouched, with its hills, rivers and trails. It is the perfect place for outdoors walks and trekking. The Cilento National Park includes the beautiful site of Castelcivita Caves and Grotta in Pertosa. Galleries, tunnels, huge caves: an atmosphere that makes them unique in the world, a real charm to the beauty and shapes of stalactites and stalagmites, fascinating examples of fantasy and magic of nature. Sea, nature, gastronomy, but also so much history and art. The Cilento is the headquarters of  important archaeological sites: The excavations of the ancient Greek city of Paestum ,  The excavations of Velia , and the excavations in the Ancient area of Buccino . But the beauty of Cilento does not end there: the Cilento area is in fact, home to numerous testimonies of Christian worship. The most famous and known throughout the world is undoubtedly the Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula , the largest monument monastery in southern Italy, where you can visit all year round, with its beautiful garden,  the immense and magnificent building complex, with the cloisters, the altars and the lodgings of the monks.

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